Spartanburg County Marriage Records
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These records were transcribed from newspapers and Spartanburg County Probate Office Records and posted to the Spartanburg County Mailing List over a period of several years by Nancie O'Sullivan and Lisa Burns. With their gracious permission I have combined the records then sorted them alphabetically for everyone to share.  South Carolina started keeping marriage records in 1911. Copies of vital records are available at the following hyperlink:

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Groom Last Bride Last Information Source
Earle Morgan GEORGE WM. EARLE, Greer and VIVIAN VIRGINIA MORGAN, Inman. Reported 4/14/1945 Spartanburg Journal
Earley Buckner HARVEY OTIS EARLEY, 32, View Mtn., N.C. and IDA BELL BUCKNER, 27, Sptbg. - April 26, 1919. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Earley Wilson Herman Arthur EARLEY, 22 and Ina Frances WILSON, 19 both of Uree, NC Reported 12/25/1932 Spartanburg Herald
Earnest Harvey JOHN EARNEST, 24, Brooklyn, N.Y. and ADA BELLE HARVEY, 22, Glendale - June 8, 1918. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Easler Greene JAMES CALVIN EASLER, 21, Sptbg. and MAGGIE VELMER GREENE, 18, Greer- March 10, 1927. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Easler Israel ROY ALTON EABER EASLER and ALMA JUNITA ISRAEL, Whitney. Reported April 22, 1946 Spartanburg Herald
Easler Lewis GEORGE MILLER EASLER , Woodruff and NANNIE CHILDRESS LEWIS, of Va. Dec. 11th, 1919. Spartanburg Herald
Easler Tate CHARLIE LEE EASLER, 20, Cherokee Springs and ALBERTA TATE, 16, Sptbg. - Aug.17, 1924. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Edge Anderson WILTON ANDREW EDGE, 23, Moore and SARAH ELIZABETH ANDERSON, 19, Sptbg. Reported Jan. 2, 1937 Spartanburg Herald
Edge Gosness JOHN EDWARD EDGE, 25, Wellford and VENIA IVADELL GOSNELL, 19, Landrum. Reported June 9, 1940 Spartanburg Herald
Edgerton Duckett WAYNE EDGERTON, 26, Greenwood and MELBA ETHA DUCKETT, 20, Drayton. Reported 3/19/1939 Sptg Herald & Journal
Edgins Bradley THOMAS BELTON EDGINS,50, Inman to VENIA BRADLEY,36, Inman - March 3, 1928. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Edgins Heatherington Jink James Edgins, Valley Falls to Bessie Geneva Heatherington, Cowpens Reported 4/14/1945 Spartanburg Journal
Edmonds Harrison HARVEY CECIL EDMONDS, 28, and CAROLINE HARRISON, 27, Sptbg. Reported 4/10/1938 Spartanburg Journal
Edmunds Coleman P.C. EDMUNDS. 3rd of Halifax, Va. , 23, and ANNIE LAURA COLEMAN , 21, of Lyman. Reported Mar. 9, 1935 Carolina Journal
Edward Gosnell JACOB EDWARD, 22 of Chesnee and MILDRED GOSNELL, 21 of Fingerville, Oct.28,  1931 Spartanburg Herald
Edwards Alexandra CHARLES R. EDWARDS, Glenn Springs and ADA ALEXANDRA, Pauline. Reported December 1914 Carolina Spartan
Edwards Hardy V. EDWARDS and LILLIAN McGREGOR HARDY, Sptbg. Reported July 2, 1916 licenses issued in June Spartanburg Herald
Edwards Lynch THOMAS G. EDWARDS, 22 Lyman and RACHEL LYNCH, 21 Rutherfordton, N.C. Reported 12/24/1932 Spartanburg Herald
Edwards Owens THOMAS EDWARDS and LALAH OWENS, Suman. Reported July 2, 1916 licenses issued in June Spartanburg Herald
Edwards Robbins GEORGE WASHINGTON EDWARDS, Cherokee to MARIE LOU ROBBINS,  Inman Lic. issued 12/26/1911 Spartanburg Herald
Edwards Ross THOMAS DEAN EDWARDS, 72, Campobello and MRS. HARRIET ROSS, 55, Landrum- Aug. 20, 1922 Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Edwards Ross THOMAS DEAN EDWARDS, 72 Campobello and MRS. HARRIET ROSS, 55 Landrum 8/20/1921 Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Edwards Waddell WILLARD CHESTER EDWARDS, 21 and GRACE OZELL WADDELL, 18 both of Drayton  Dec. 24, 1927 Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Edwards Walker WOODROW EDWARDS, 20, and DORA MAE WALKER, 18, both of Sptbg. Reported 10/10/1936 Spartanburg Journal
Edwards Williams A.E. EDWARDS and CORA WILLIAMS, Central. June 1916 Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Eison Bennett MR. ROBT. A EISON and MISS LILLIAN  BENNETT, were married last Thursday. Reported 2/8/1892  Carolina Spartan
Elder Anderson NORMAN ELDER to MISS BEATRICE JANE ANDERSON  on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 23, 1933 Spartanburg Herald
Elder Fowler JOSEPH CLEVELAND ELDER, 22 and LUCINDA FOWLER, 22 both of Chesnee.  Reported Mar. 25, 1941 Spartanburg Herald
Elders Huskey L.V. ELDERS, 21, Converse and MARIE HUSKEY, 18, Converse - April 11, 1924 Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Eldridge Hall TOM ELDRIDGE, 41, widower, Clifton and ANNA HALL, 44, widow, Clifton- Nov.13, 1920. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Ellington Roberson Clyde Fenner ELLINGTON, 27 to Mary Louise ROBERSON 22, Hendersonville. Reported11/26/1941 Spartanburg Journal
Ellis Eller CLAYTON ELLIS, 25, Greenleaf, Wis. and JAMIE ELLER,Clinton, S.C.- Feb.7, 1919. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Ellis Jackson PERRY ELLIS, 20 Inman and NAOMI JACKSON, 20, Campobello. Reported Dec.19, 1937. Spartanburg Herald
Ellison Maness NATHAN ELLISON, 54, and VIOLA MANESS, 25, both of Pacolet. Reported 9/27/1936 Spartanburg Journal
Elm Coggins EARLEY GLADDEN ELM, 21, and LILA MAE COGGINS, 18, both of Clifton. Reported 12/23/1934  Spartanburg Herald Journal
Elrod Blackwell JACK CLARENCE ELROD, 25 and LUCY ELZINA BLACKWELL, 22 of Sptbg. Reported March 8, 1943 Spartanburg Herald
Emory Blanton Charles Woodrow EMORY, 23, and Lillian Ernestine BLANTON, 19, both of Chesnee Nov. 4, 1939. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
English Jackson PAUL WALLACE ENGLISH, Hendersonville to MARY INEZ JACKSON, Biltmore, N.C. on Nov. 15, 1922 Spartanburg Herald
Epling Canterburg Carl Edward EPLING, 27 Charleston, W.VA to ROSALIE CANTERBURG, 21 Clendenin, VA Report  4/15/1941 Journal & Carolina Spartan
Erikson Brown CARL EMANUAL ERIKSON, 30, widower, N.Y. City and ATLAS MARIA BROWN, 20, Sptbg.- June 12, 1920. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Etters Pearson LAWRENCE FALLS ETTERS, 26, widower, Spt. and NEVA PEARSON, 20,Converse - April 12, 1919. Sptg Probate Ofc. Books
Eubanks Shands November 28, 1889, Mr. John EUBANKS, of Williston, S.C. to  Miss Jessie SHANDS of this city Carolina Spartan
Ewbanks Holcomb December 21st, 1884, Mr. James EWBANKS and Miss C.H. HOLCOMB, both of Union County, S.C. Carolina Spartan
Ezell Ridings JACKSON EZELL and NELLIE RIDINGS, both of Cherokee rt.1. Reported Feb. 28, 1917 Journal & Carolina Spartan


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