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The following information is about Howell Johnson Sr., who was a Revolutionary War Soldier from Mecklenburg Co., VA., who settled in Spartanburg Co., SC., and is buried in an unmarked grave at either Unity Church hear

near Woodruff, SC. or in a unknown family cemetery, which has long since disappeared.
James Johnson
Howell Johnson Sr., married Holly Crowder
Martha Johnson - md. John Boiter
James Boiter - Nancy Hicks
Emory Boiter -  Ada Johnson
Rilla D. Boiter, who married Milo Simpson Gilbert, who were my parents, but now are buried at Sharon Meth., Ch., Sptbg., Co., SC.
Virginia's Share in the Military Movements of the Revolution
page 277
Johnson, Howell 72 Spartanburg South Carolina
 State: SC Year: 1840 
 County: Spartanburg District Record Type:  
 Township: Age 78 1st Part Page: 143 
 Database: SC 1840 Pensioners List
The Johnson (Johnston) Family of Woodruff Twp., area of Spartanburg Co., SC., emigrated from Mecklenburg Co., Va., This genealogy will pertain primarily to the descendants of Howell & Holly Crowder Johnson.  It is believed these set of Johnsons were related to Phillip Johnson of the Ben's Creek Comm., Sptbg.,Co., SC., but no proof has been founded.  It is not known the exact year Howell Johnson came to Spartanburg Co., SC. Howell Johnson and Holly Crowder, daughter of Bartholomew Crower of Mecklenburg Co., Va., were married Oct. 23, 1796 in Warren Co., N.C., which leads one to think they ran away from home to get married as Holly Crowder would have been only 17 years old. 
Howell Johnson appears as a witness to a Deed dated June 6, 1792, when Aaron Moore of Pendleton Co., SC., sold to Phillip Johnson of Spartanburg Co., SC., 208 acres where Phillip Johnson was living on Ben's Creek of the South Tygar River.  Phillip Johnson was a witness to a Deed which was dated Dec. 28, 1790, between William Moore and John Durham, who was Phillip Johnson's father-in-law.
It appears that Howell Johnson must have came to Sptbg., Co., SC., with or because Phillip Johnson.  Howell Johnson also witnessed a Deed dated May 24, 1790, between John Whitmore & his wife Rachael and Robert Connell, all of Spartanburg Co, SC.  Again on Oct. 5, 1808, Howell Johnson witnessed another Deed between Gowen Harris of Greenville Dist., and Samuel Crowder of Spartanburg Dist. for 200 acres on Bridges Creek of the Middle Tygar River (do not know what relationship was between Samuel Crowder and Holly Crowder, have not researched it).   On March 10, 1810, Samuel Crowder sold to Howell Johnson (both of Sptbg.,Co., SC) 156 acres, which bordered on the land of David Drummond (Howell's brother-in-law). 
On Feb. 28, 1822, Howell Johnson Sr., and his son, William L. Johnson were witnesses to a deed when Muse Tolleson sold to Fortunatus H. Legg 478 acres on the waters of the Middle Tyger River; which bordered Thomas Moore; and on April 1, 1822, Howell Johnson gave his oath as a witness to this deed to Thomas Poole.  This is the only document where I have found where their names appear together.
On Jan. 31, 1824, Samuel N. Evins sold to Howell Johnson (both of Spartanburg Co., SC.), 156 acres which also bordered on the land of David Drummond.  Then On Jan. 31, 1824 turned around (the same day?) and sold the 156 acrs to Matthew Evins, which appears to be the last of the land purchasing active of Howell Johnson, Sr., which also states that Holly Johnson renounced her dower rights on Feb. 2, 1924 to F.H. Legg.
Therefore, Howell Johnson must have returned to Mecklenburg Co., Va., to marry his sweetheart, Holly Crowder.  However, he first appears in the 1810 Census Record for Spartanburg Co., SC., at that time (1810) he had three sons, two sons who were under 10 years old and one son who was 10 to 16 years old, and three daughters all of whom were under 10 years of age.
On April 16, 1827, Howell Johnson of Sptbg., Dist, to Moore & Nesbitt of Sptbg., Dist, for $164.94 sold one sorrel, mare, one roan horse, one black two year old colt, one cow & calf, and two heifers, eight head of hogs, three feather beds and furniture and one new wagon when finished.  Obligation null and void if Howell Johnson pays $164.94 plus interest on all except $50.00, on or by Nov. 1, next to Moore & Nesbitt.  Witness Paul Cambee and Eber Bragg.  Signed Howell Johnson. Witness oath August 1, 1827 Eber Bragg to Philip Brewton Rec. Jan. 7, 1828.
Deed Book U, pages 11-12, Oct. 30, 1827, Howell Johnson to George Durham, for consideration of $200.00 "a negro boy about fourteen years old, named Carter" unless George Durham pays Johnson, $150.00 on or before Dec. 25, 1827.
On March 7, 1833, Howell Johnson applied for and received a pension for his military services during the American Revolutionary War. He was born in Chesterfield Co., Va., and moved in early life with his father to Mecklenburg Co., Va.  He enlisted in the Revolutionary War on Jan. 1, 1781 and served three months as a private with Capt. Charles Davis' Company, in Col Alexander Dick's Virginia Regiment.  Some time after this tour, he again enlisted and served as a private in Capt Elijah Garves' and Jeffries' Company, under Col. Lewis Burrell's Virginia Regiment.  Howell Johnson stationed at Glouchest, Va.,  nor far from Yorktown, Va., and remained until after the surrender of Cornwallis, then guarded prisoners for the remainder of the three month period for which he had enclosed.  He died at his residence January 13, 1846. Which is belive to have been in the vicinity between Unity Bapt., Ch., and Walnut Grove area of Spartanburg, Co., SC. They were members of Unity Bapt., Ch., near Woodruff, Sptbg.,co.,SC.
In 1833, Howell Johnson, Sr., a resident of Spartanburg District, made an affidavit that he served first two campaignes with Rev. War Soldier, Ellis Johnson, but there is no relationship stated.  In 1855, reference was made to Holly Johnson (who would have been the widow of Howell Johnson Sr.) but again no refence to any relationship.  This Ellis Johnson was born in Brunswick Co.,Va., but while a resident in Mecklenburg Co., Va., he enlisted in the Rev. War in April 1778 and was discharged Nov. 22, 1778, enlisted again on Jan. 10, 1781 and was discharge April 20, 1781, but enlisted again in June 1781, and was finally discharged Oct. 10, 1781.  Ellis Johnson executed a pension application on Oct. 4, 1833, while a resident of Spartanburg Co., SC., where he died on Sept. 12, 1840.
Although, Howell Johnson and Holly Crowder Johnson went to Unity Bapt., Ch., near Woodruff, Sptbg.,Co., SC., I have never been able to find their graves.  If they are buried at Unit Bapt., Ch., they do not have tombstones; if they were buried in a family cemetery, I have never been able to locate it.
The following is the application that Howell Johnson Sr.,  filed to received a pension.
State of South Carolina
Spartanburg  District
To wit on this 7th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight personally appeared in your court to wit the Court of common Pleas SC now sitting Howell Johnson, a resident of the District and State aforesaid aged 71 years, who being first duly sworn doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the privision made by the Act of Congress, passed 7th day of June 1832, that he was born in  Chesterfield county in the State of Virginia on the 18th January 1762 but in early age was moved to Mecklengurgh County in the State aforesaid about the 1st January 1781, was drafted and served under Captain Charles Davis, Major Hoffer, and Col. Abraham Dick, he was stationed at Suffolk and Mud Camp both in the State of Vairginia for three months where he was discharged and after the expiration of three months he was again called into service served under Captains, Elijah Garves and Jeffries, Col. Lewis Burrell & Genl. Mecklenburgh, where he remained until the capture of Cornwallis after which time he had no regular officers as he he was taken to guard prisoners until the term for which he had been called had expired when he was discharged making in whole six months that he served he was in no particular engagement though in several small skirmishes he has no documentary evident of his services & has lost his discharges but Absolom Hastin is now in court who is ready to testify of his services.
Sworn in open court             Howell  Johnson
R. Gault
We, Gabriel Phillips, a clergyman resident formerly in said District, but now of Laurens District, and Patrick Hoy.  A. Hastin also are residents of said District do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Howell Johnson who has sworn to and subscribed the foregoing declaration and that we believe him to be seventy one years old and that he is repudiated and believed in the neighborhood where he resids to have been a soldier in the Revolution and we concur in that opinion.
Sworn to  & Subscribed the day and year aforesaid
                         Gabl. Philips, C.O.W.
                         P. Hoy      
                         A. Hastin (x his mark)
Wm. Trimmer
J. E. Escoff




























































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