Captain Smith Lipscomb
Confederate Veteran
January 1924

Confederate Veteran,  January, 1924.
   On Sunday morning , Dec. 2, and only a few weeks before he would have celebrated his 84th birthday, there passed into the Great Beyond the soul of Capt. SMITH LIPSCOMB of Bonham, Texas., one of the best known and loved among the Confederates of Texas.
   SMITH LIPSCOMB was born in Spartanburg District, S.C., Feb. 26, 1840. He was present when the firing on Fort Sumter took place and when the war was declared he went into the fray as a member of the 18th South Carolina Regiment. He was later appointed lieutenant and then captain of his company.
    He was at the battle of Petersburg and was one of the three survivors who were blown up in that awful eruption of dirt, stone and living bodies at the Crater explosion and came out alive. He alightened on his feet and continued to advance toward the enemy.
     At the reunion at Richmond in 1907, Senator Daniel introduced LIPSCOMB and recited his wonderful experiences in that inferno.
     Lipscomb was at the surrended at Appomattox, and received his parole there.
     He returned home to a land devastated by war. Soon afterwards he was married and went to Texas in 1866, settling first on the Brazos. In 1869 he moved to Fannin County, stopping off a few years at Ladonia. In 1873 he moved to Bonham to become a deputy under Sheriff John Dunn. He later was elected sheriff and served four years. He was then elected tax colletor for four years....he spent the remainder of his life on his farm.
    He was a member of the Baptist Church, a man of the strictest sense of honor and honesty. He is survived by his aged wife, 5 daughters and 3 sons. On the day of his burial the business houses of the city closed their doors for one hour during the funeral services.





























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